Here are some of the trends I am tracking this year:

  • The Business of Ed-Tech
  • The Politics of Ed-Tech
  • Privacy
  • Data and Algorithms
  • Outsourcing and Privatization
  • Free College?
  • The Collapse of For-Profit Higher Ed (Or Not)
  • Online Education (the Hype formerly Known as “MOOC”)
  • The Common Core State Standards
  • Opt-Out and Testing
  • School as Skills Training - "The Employability Narrative"

We're halfway through the year, so it's too early to tell what my final "Top 10 Trends" will be. But the year is starting to shape up, with highlights including massive funding rounds for sites like (and its acquisition by LinkedIn); the closure of Corinthian Colleges and loan forgiveness for its students; the rejection of the CCSS; and the growing "opt out" movement in schools.

Audrey Watters


Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2015

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